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Episode 131 of Talk Ultra and we bring you an interview with TCC winner, Tom Owens. We also speak with Jo Meek who recently placed on the podium in Hong Kong at Translantau 100km. Niandi brings us a ‘one-on-one’ interview with Inge Nijkamp. We have the news and ultra-chat!

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We bring you audio from The Coastal Challenge with Sondre Amdahl, Jason Schlarb, Anna Comet and an in-depth chat with Cherie Soria, Dan Ladermann and 'Coastal' the dog. We also talk with UK based fell and mountain runner, Jim Mann.

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Episode 129 of Talk Ultra brings you an in-depth interview with Anna Frost. We speak with the inspiring Fred Streatfield and we talk with the Rocky Racoon 100 winner, James Stewart.

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What a show… we speak in-depth with the incredible Michael Wardian after his record breaking World Marathon Challenge. We speak to star in the making, Hayden Hawks and Niandi Carmont brings us her first female ‘one-to-one’ interview with Pushpa Chandra. We have the news, chat, gossip and of course Speedgoat co-hosts.

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We have an in-depth talk with coach, Mario Fraioli. We also have chat with Stephanie Howe Violett who is back after injury, not only with a ladies’ win, but an outright victory at Bandera 100k and a slot for Western States. Niandi is going me as co-host.

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Happy New Year! We have an interview with Stevie Kremer, we chat with Lindsey Topham about her movie, ‘The Trails Are Free’ and Sondre Amdahl tells us about racing in Hong Kong and how is preparation for The Coastal Challenge is going… Speedgoat is back too!

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Happy Christmas everyone! We have interviews with Zach Miller, Caroline Boller and Samantha Gash to spice up the end of 2016 and we also have a review of the year!Niandi Carmont is co-hosting.

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We bring you five interviews from the 2016 Everest Trail Race that took place in Nepal, November 2016 - Andreja Sterle Podobonik, Casey Morgan, Jennifer Hill, Tom Arnold and John Percy. In addition we bring you the news and Niandi co-hosts.

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This weeks show is a one interview special with Adam Campbell. On August 30th, Adam Campbell was attempting a big traverse that had never been completed in a single push before in Rogers Pass, BC. Adam was accompanied by two partners, Nick Elson and Dakota Jones. They were fairly early on in the journey, going up relatively moderate terrain (class 3/4). Adam followed Nick and Dakota up a route matching their steps and actions, Adam pulled on a rock that the previous two climbers had used. This giant rock came loose, broke and away and Adam fell. He tumbled backwards, summersaulting and rag dolling over 200 feet (70-80 meters) down a serious of ledges and sharp rocks.  

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We have a 1-hour interview with Pete Kostelnick all about his amazing, record breaking run across the USA. Ryan Sandes talks Raid de la Reunion and Casey Morgan talks about Madeira’s EcoTrail Funchal and the Everest Trail Race. The show is co-hosted by my good buddy from the Twin Cities, Kurt Decker.

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