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This weeks show is all about Glen Coe Skyline and UTMB. We have interviews from the Glen Coe Skyline Race w/ Emelie Forsberg, Forian Reichert and RD, Shane Ohly. We also have an in-depth interview with race winner Joe Symonds. UTMB was full of drama and we speak with 32nd overall and 49th overall, Damian Hall and Richard Ashton. The News, ultra chat and Niandi Carmont co-hosts.

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We speak with lady on fire, Megan Kimmel. Harald Zundel talks about running 200 milers and we speak with Aussie Greg Donovan about the running the 4 Deserts in 1 year and the Big Red Run in Australia. The News and Speedgoat Karl

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We speak with Tromso SkyRace winner, Jonathan Alnon and we have an inspiring chat with ladies Hardrock 100 winner, Anna Frost. The news and Speedgoat is back after a really busy month racing and working. 

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Episode 91 of Talk Ultra has a WSER chat with ladies champ, Magdalena Boulet. We speak with Alex Nichols about victory at the Mont-Blanc 80km, Gary Robbins talks FKT and Emelie Forsberg gives us a Smiles and Miles. Speedgoat is prepping for the Speedgoat 50k so Niandi Carmont co-hosts.

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Karl Meltzer tals Scott on the AT and Rob Krar talks back-to-back wins at Western States. Nikki Kimball and Georgina Ayre talk Richtersveld Wildrun and Stevie Kremer chats Ultra Skymarathon Madeira. The News, Talk Training and Niandi Carmont co hosts.

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We speak in-depth with Tony Mangan and Kevin Carr about two remarkable and different stories on how to run Around the World. The News, Talk Training, Up & Coming Races and Speedgoat Karl.

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We speak with Scott Hawker from the Southern Hemisphere on his 2nd place at TNF100, Joe Fejes talks about running 6 days and clocing a new American record, 606.24 miles and Dan Lawson discussed the GUCR 145 mile race and his record breaking run. Karl is back, we have the News, a Blog and guess what, no up and comng races...

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We speak with Emelie Forsberg on her victory at Transvulcania and Australian Blake Hose about his breakthrough top 3 performance. Michael Wardian breaks his own 50k treadmill record and we speak with him. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Niandi Carmont co hosts.

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Jeff Browning survives and wins the 100imile Ultrafijord. Michelle Yates tells us all about pregnancy and running and James Cracknell and Elisabit Barnes 'PB' at London in prep for future ultras. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Speed 'Golf' Karl is joining me as co-host.

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Episode 85 is a 30th anniversary MDS special with Niandi Carmont co-hosting and discussing her race in depth. We speak with ladies champ, Elisabet Barnes and Darren Grigas and Ian Knight tell us all about their races. Robbie Britton also joins us and provides an insight into his 3rd place at the IAU 24-hour champs. The News, Up and Coming races and hopefully som RnR.

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