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Ian and Niandi are back from their Lanzarote Multi-Day training camp with 2015 MDS ladies champion Elisabet Barnes. Ian talks with The Spine winner and new course record holder, Eoin Keith. Matthew Laye talks running 100-miles and winning, Scotland and the Fling and PED's.

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We speak with Candice Burt about her 2nd place at Hurt 100, race directing and 200-mile races. Australian Lucy Bartholomew, is a rising star in the ultra and Skyrunning world and just recently she ran a new CR at Bogong to Hotham. Fast man Zach Bitter, is back. Once again he blitzed 100-miles and he tells us all about it. The News and Speedgoat Karl is back.

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Talk Ultra is 4 years old and we are bringing you a special that takes you back to to 2012 with Timmy Olson, 2013 with Kilian Jornet, 2014 with Dave Johnston, 2015 with Scott and Jenny Jurek and yes, you even get a bonus interview with Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

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It's the Christmas Show recorded in La Palma with Niandi co-hosting and interviews with Sally McRae and Mike Bialick and a tribute to Mark Gillett. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Jo Meek is back after prolonged injury with 2nd at Everest Trail Race and 8th at TNF50. Mal Law talks about The High Five-O Challenge and FIFTY the movie. Lucja Leonard talks running and weight loss in Talk Training and the subject of PEDs races its head in the sport of ultra. Speedgoat joins me on his birthday!

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Episode 100! woo hoo. Who would have thought that a self-funded free podcast would make episode 100? 1,000 of hours have gone into the show to get this far and we are super proud! We talk with multi-day expert Elisabet Barnes on her recent Oman Desert Marathon victory and what 2016 has in store. 2014 and 2015 Everest Trail Race winner, Anna Comet talks about running and Skyrunning.Niandi talks cyclying in Talk Training and Speedgoat is back!

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Matt Lefort and Andy Symonds talk to us about the ELS2900. Sophie Grant discusses the Raid de la Reunion and we speak with Paul Giblin about his win at Javelina Jundred 100-mile race. The news, chat, Speedgoat is on holiday and Niandi co-hosts.

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It's a stacked show and we speak with Mike Wolfe about his epic 600 mile journey with Mike Foote. Ladies Atacama winner Shiri Leventhal discusses multi-day racing and on Talk Training Sarah Cameron tells us how cycling made her into a great runner. The News, Up and Coming races and Niandi co-hosts.

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Remi Bonnet rising star of the Skyrunning circuit has a chat about his 1st year of racing. Andy Symonds is back after 2-years of injury and we discuss the low and high points. Mariepaule Pierson travelled to Atacama, nailed it and we find out how. The News, Talk Training and Speedgoat chews the ultra fat.

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Hillary Allen has had a great 2015 placing on the podium at Mont-Blanc 80km and The RUT, we catch up with her and find out how she got started in the sort and what the future holds. Marie-Paule Pierson is taking on the Atacama! We speak to her and find out what it's like to prepare for the biggest challenge of your life! The News, Up and Coming Races and Speedgoat is back.

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