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We speak with Emelie Forsberg on her victory at Transvulcania and Australian Blake Hose about his breakthrough top 3 performance. Michael Wardian breaks his own 50k treadmill record and we speak with him. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Niandi Carmont co hosts.

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Jeff Browning survives and wins the 100imile Ultrafijord. Michelle Yates tells us all about pregnancy and running and James Cracknell and Elisabit Barnes 'PB' at London in prep for future ultras. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Speed 'Golf' Karl is joining me as co-host.

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Episode 85 is a 30th anniversary MDS special with Niandi Carmont co-hosting and discussing her race in depth. We speak with ladies champ, Elisabet Barnes and Darren Grigas and Ian Knight tell us all about their races. Robbie Britton also joins us and provides an insight into his 3rd place at the IAU 24-hour champs. The News, Up and Coming races and hopefully som RnR.

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Episode 84 of Talk Ultra has Sage Canaday talking training and coching, Lizzy Hawker discusses her new book, RUNNER and Nikki Kimball gives us the low down on fell running, TCC and her new film. Talk Training, The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Speedgoat Karl.

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We speak with Transgrancanaria winner, Gediminas Grinius. Dr Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell give an insight into their most recent adventure and Jez Bragg talks about getting speed back and how he will tame the Dragon. Marc Laithwaite discusses butter in coffee for Talk Training. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming races and Niandi Carmont c0-hosts and tells us all about her final prep for MDS.

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James Cracknell gives us an insight into the mind of an Olympian and talented athlete who knows how to push to the limit. Karl Egloff gives us a full in-depth interview about his childhood, upbringing and how he conquered Aconcagua. Ruby Muir had a troubled 2014 but turned it all around at Tarawera. The News, a Blog, Up & Coming Races and Talk Training we discuss final prep for MDS.

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Mike Murphy talks about pushing to the limits (and beyond) at The Coastal Challenge, Elena Polyakova talks about ultra running in Turkey and the up and coming Cappadocia Ultra Trail and Ray Zahab fills us in on his last expedition. Marc Laithwaite return for Talk Training and we discuss Maffetone. A Blog, Up and Coming Races, the News and Speedgoat Karl co-hosts.

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Episode 80 of Talk Ultra has an interview with UK's Mr MDS, Rory Coleman. We speak with Mike Arnstein about his recent victory at Hurt 100 and his fruitarian diet. Jason Koop talks coaching runners of all abilities and adventurer, Mike Hines talks nutrition in relation to extreme events. The News, a Blog, Up & Coming Races and Niandi Carmont co-hosts.

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Episode 79 has an interview with HK100 2nd place runner, Sondre Amdahl. We catch up with The Spine ladies winner, Beth Pascall and we talk about an incredible 2014 with Nikki Kimball. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Speddgoat Karl chews the ultra fat.

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We are three years old! To celebrate we interview two legends, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Marshall Ulrich. We also speak to Travis Macy who has a book out and in Talk Training we chat with America's Angriest Trainer, Vinnie Tortorich. The News, Up & Coming races and of course, Speedgoat Karl.

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