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Mike Murphy talks about pushing to the limits (and beyond) at The Coastal Challenge, Elena Polyakova talks about ultra running in Turkey and the up and coming Cappadocia Ultra Trail and Ray Zahab fills us in on his last expedition. Marc Laithwaite return for Talk Training and we discuss Maffetone. A Blog, Up and Coming Races, the News and Speedgoat Karl co-hosts.

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Episode 80 of Talk Ultra has an interview with UK's Mr MDS, Rory Coleman. We speak with Mike Arnstein about his recent victory at Hurt 100 and his fruitarian diet. Jason Koop talks coaching runners of all abilities and adventurer, Mike Hines talks nutrition in relation to extreme events. The News, a Blog, Up & Coming Races and Niandi Carmont co-hosts.

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Episode 79 has an interview with HK100 2nd place runner, Sondre Amdahl. We catch up with The Spine ladies winner, Beth Pascall and we talk about an incredible 2014 with Nikki Kimball. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Speddgoat Karl chews the ultra fat.

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We are three years old! To celebrate we interview two legends, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Marshall Ulrich. We also speak to Travis Macy who has a book out and in Talk Training we chat with America's Angriest Trainer, Vinnie Tortorich. The News, Up & Coming races and of course, Speedgoat Karl.

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It's our Christmas Special. Ian and Karl discuss 2014 and some of our highlights. We have in depth interviews with Ellie Greenwood, Max King, Joe Grant and Grant Maughan. Importantly, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to joining you on your ultra journies in 2015.

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Timothy Olson talks from the heart about his 2014 season and Tina Lews inspires with her honest. Iain Don Wauchope talks about record breaking at the SkyRun and Lisa Smith-Batchen discuss the Badwater Quad. Ian chews the ultr fat with Speedgoat Karl and we have the Up & Coming Races.

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Episode 75 of Talk Ultra is all about the Salomon Skyrun and South Africa. We bring an interview with the ladies winner Landie Greyling. We also talk with the ladies 2nd place, Julia Better. Gary Robbins placed 2nd overall and discusses in-depth his race and co hosts the show. We bring sounds from Moketsi Game Ranch, experiences from Cape Town and talk Skyrun with Adrian Saffy and Michael de Haast.

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Episode 74 of Talk Ultra has Mimi Anderson and Samantha Gash talking about their epic South African journey. Luke Nelson talk about his running career, recent 100-mile success and how going out hard can pay off! Melie Forsberg is back for Smiles & Miles and Marc Laithwaite talks the long run in Talk Training. Tne News, a Blog, up & Coming races and Niandi Carmont co-hosts.

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Skyrunner World Series Champion Stevie Kremer gives us the low down on a great 2014. Kim Collison chats about the Mourse Skyline MTR and his running background and Landi Greyling talks about running in SA and the up and coming Salomon SkyRun. The News, a Blog, Up & Coming Races and Charlie Sproson is back in Talk Training for Navigation 101 )part 3). Speedgoat goat talks quad busting.

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We talk with Jason Schlarb who recently laced 4th at the TNFUTMB, Donnie Campbell discusses his running career and winning the recent 3x3 in the UK. Claus Rasmussen tells us all about running Spartathlon... in sandals. The News a BLog, Up & Coming Races and Speedgoat Karl.

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