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Talk Ultra

Mar 22, 2012

This is Part Two of our Marathon des Sables Special and contains five seamless interviews:

We start with Patrick Bauer, Patrick created the race and is affectionately known as MR MDS. After a solo trek in the Sahara in 1984 he produced the first MDS in 1986 with just 23 participants.

Terri Handy is an American runner who is going to the MDS in 2012 for the first time – we discuss her fears, worries and objectives. 

Mark Gillett is a runner and photographer. Having run the event in 2006 he has gone back each year and worked as a photographer. He provides a unique viewpoint of the race both from a running and working perspective.

Jen Salter. Jen has placed first British Female in the event several times and has ranked highly overall gaining 3rd place within the female race in 2010. She provides an insight into what it is like to be at the front of the race – racing! 

Finally we speak to Didier lemalveyont de sables who has participated in the MDS for 8 years, 2012 will be his 9th. Didier is visually impaired and runs the race linked to a guide. Without doubt he is an inspiration to us all.