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Talk Ultra

Sep 21, 2012

Talk about name dropping... episode 18 has a stellar cast! Once again I have Speedgoat Karl with me for most of the show, we discuss his incredible run at Run Rabbit Run and we also catch up and talk about all his years in the sport. We speak to Mike Morton and get some feedback on his incredible Badwater win and we also talk about his record breaking 24 hour run. Prof Tim Nokaes is a legend within all sports, his book 'The Lore of Running' has been very much a bible for the keen runner, in Talk Training we discuss Tim's new book 'Waterlogged'. If that wasn't enough we finally catch up with the man who has got so many people into ultra, including me, Dean Karnazes. We also have the news, blogs and up and coming races. Phew... what a show!